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SOTB Root Shell Pass $100: (Early-early bird price was $80, now it is $100. Prices are set to increase to $125 upon a random date. Don’t wait!)

The SOTB Root Shell Pass: Provides access to three days of hacking talks, challenges, and events. Good for one CTF player. Up to four players per team.

DISCOUNTED HOTEL BLOCKS COMING SOON: Pre-sales will be contacted first.

Day 1 (December 29th, 9AM-5PM): Forget about corporate talks and stuffy presentations; we're talking raw, unfiltered technical discourse by hackers, for hackers. Our FabLab is an open playground for you to solder, make, and mod to your heart's content. Sure, vendors may be there, but they won't kill our vibe. Got the guts to present? Show us what you got.

Day 2 (December 30th, 9AM-Midnight): Kicks off the main CTF event in an undisclosed warehouse. Demonstrate your 1337 skills by hacking challenges ranging from vintage computer systems to Industrial Control Systems (ICS/SCADA) and then to web technologies and electronics. All of them are powered by our BYOCTF framework, allowing players to create and solve challenges for other players while being rewarded for doing so. (Creating challenges is optional, hacking the planet is not) Overwhelmed or need a break? Decompress in the arcade, lockpick, maker, and media villages. BTW, if you want to learn more about creating challenges, stay tuned to the SOTB YouTube or Arkansas Hackers Discord.

Day 3 (December 31st, 9AM - 1:30AM the next year) (CTF Game ends 8PM): Delivering more CTF excitement and hacktivities before the final awards ceremony and New Year's Eve party. Live music, DJs, and an epic finale to the event. This is our chance to show the world what the Arkansas Hacker's community is all about. Invite your friends.

The Root Shell grants:

Tune up your firewall, don your Cyberdeck, saddle up, and prepare to Hack The Gibson with the SOTB Root Shell!

Event location listed is that of the Fab Lab Fort Smith (Day 1 Location). Warehouse location (Day 2 and 3) is within 10 minutes from Lab. Undisclosed at this time. ;)

Event Locations: